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From wire and potting sheaves, to gilsen and beam trawling blocks, we manufacture high-quality, high performance blocks ideal for an extensive range of marine operations.

Available in a variety of sizes, our marine blocks are made of hardened steel or marine grade nylon.

Bronze bushed bearings ensure exceptionally good service life and reduced maintenance.

Find out more below, or speak to the team if you have any questions or wish to buy marine blocks.

Trawl Wire Sheaves

Suitable for wire rope. Hardened steel with bronze bush bearings.

Potting Block Sheaves

Made in cast iron or nylon. Bronze bush bearings. Suitable for wire rope.

Potting Blocks

From 0.5 – 2 tonnes. Open sided, steel construction. Suitable for rope.

Gilsen Blocks

Suitable for wire or rope. Fabricated steel frames with hot dip galvanised finish.

Trawl Blocks

Suitable for wire. Hardened steel sheaves with bronze bushed bearings.

Deck Blocks

Steel fabricated, galvanised finish. Suitable for wire with long service life.

Beam Trawling Blocks

Fitted with replaceable hardened steel sheaves, most suitable for wire rope.