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Marine Pumps, Clutches and P.T.O's

If you’re looking to buy marine clutches, we have highly versatile, bi-rotational, options that enable both clockwise and anti-clockwise movement.

We can fit an optional remote control feature via a connecting cable and tailor it to your operations, for example when working within a wheelhouse or cab.

All our marine clutches are oil-immersed mechanical dog clutches, with a lever operation.

We recommend utilising your gearbox PTO if available. If your marine gearbox does not have a live PTO facility and you are unsure which clutch and pump is right for you, we’re happy to help.

If required, a suitable PTO stub shaft for your engine front pulley can be manufactured to fit.

You’ll find more details below. Get in touch with our experienced team to discuss your requirements or to place an order.

1P Pump Clutch

Two pump sizes offered as standard, both using 1P ‘ultra’ fixed delivery gear pump.

2P Pump Clutch

2P ‘ultra’ fixed delivery gear pump. Three sizes available with base mounting unit.

2PG SAE B Gearbox

Gearbox driven clutch pump

3P Pump Clutch

Suitable for hauler systems up to 3000lb pull & winch systems up to 1.5 tonnes.