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Cargo Winches

Our cargo winches combine strength, speed and high operational capacity with a compact and lightweight design.

A variation of the slave hauler base and motor range, they are intended for rapid raising and lowering of loads, and are hugely popular across the marine industry.

The installation opportunities for our cargo winches are highly versatile and can be tailored to your specific boat, including deck installation, mast base or boom.

Made of high grade steel or aluminium, all cargo winches can be altered for your requirements including optional brake, load control valve or simple needle check valve for lowering load control.

Ready to find out more? Explore below or speak to our experienced, friendly team.

CW2 600lb Cargo Winch

The ‘little brother’ of the cargo winch range. Ideal for up to 600lb pull.

CW3 1000lb Cargo Winch

Capable of up to 1000lb pull. Great for small-to-mid size operations.

CW4 1400lb Cargo Winch

Our most popular cargo winch, suitable for mid-scale operations up to 1400lb.

CW5 2000lb Cargo Winch

Suitable for larger scale operations. Can pull up to 2000lb.

Compact Cargo Winches

CW2, CW3 AND CW4 are available in a compact size for strength and convenience.