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Trawl Winches

You’ll find exceptional quality, design and build across our range of trawl winches.

All sizes use a high speed piston motor, driving a tempered alloy steel main shaft, through a cast iron worm & wheel gearbox.

Our own-design main shaft has a spline drive for hardened steel dog clutches.

Marine grade linings and hot dip galvanised steel allows you to operate safely and efficiently.

Driven by a specially-designed hydraulic ram, the guide on gear is manually controlled and can be specified at any angle, allowing precise and effective manoeuvring in any environment.

Pull sizes range from 1/2 tonne to 4.5 tonnes, with up to a quadruple drum setup available and gilsen drum options.

Our trawl winches can also be uprated for scalloping.

Find out more below, or speak to the team about buying a trawl winch, including made-to-order options.

TW1 1/2 Tonne Trawl Winch

Available with 2P8 pump size and a 1000rpm engine speed.

TW2 3/4 Tonne Trawl Winch

Available with a 3P14 pump and an engine speed of 1000rpm.

TW3 1 Tonne Trawl Winch

Top layer wire speed at 70m/min. Available with 3P14 pump size.

TW4 1.5 Tonne Trawl Winch

Top layer wire speed at 78m/min (standard drum).

TW5 2.5 Tonne Trawl Winch

95m/min top layer wire speed. Approx weight 1600kg.

TW6 3.5 Tonne Trawl Winch

Large capacity winch .

1, 2 or 3 drums

TW7 2 Tonne Trawl Winch

Available with a 4P25 pump size, and engine speed of 1000rpm.