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Net Haulers

All our net haulers have a unique lightweight design, with either castings or fabrication made of marine-grade aluminium.

Drums rotate in substantial double ball bearings, with reversible rubber drums to ensure extra longevity.

The hydraulic motors are all of high-quality European manufacture and all models come with a control valve, base or pedestal, clamp and foot, and ready for easy installation.

Need another part? We stock spares for all models, available off the shelf for rapid orders. Quick turnaround exchange service to fit replacements and refit rubber drums.

Ready to know more? Take a look at our range below or contact our experienced team.

NH0-01 Solo

Automatic net hauler for inshore fishing vessels up to 35ft


Maximum retrieval speed at 105m/min – working pull 300kg max


Automatic gill net hauler, supplied with hydraulic motors.


Maximum retrieval speed 120m/min, at approx 125kg.


Medium offshore automatic gill net hauler, for vessels over 10m.


Large offshore automatic gill net hauler, for vessels over 12m.