Hydraulic Reservoirs

Our Hydraulic reservoirs are manufactured from stainless steel up to and including 18 gallon size. They are supplied without mounting straps, but they can be welded on to suit the vessel, by us or others. All connections are included for a complete installation.

Filler breather and suction strainer are included in standard supply, and return line filters can be fitted as an extra.

Sizes 36 gallon up to 125 gallon are manufactured from mild steel and painted.

Please click on the links below for dimensional drawings:

R2ST & R5ST 2.5 & 5 Gallon (11.5 litre) & (23 litre)

R10ST 10 Gallon (45 litre)

R18ST 18 Gallon (82 litre)

R36ST 36 Gallon (162 litre)





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