These sectional control valves can be built into many configurations. Multi spool versions, flow control sections can be included and also high pressure carry over.

They are all 3 position, have integral relief valve, and can be open or closed centre spool.

They are marinised, and will outlive an agricultural market valve by many years when used in a sea water enviroment.

The rotary versions give good speed control.

1V Lever style

1/2" Ported

Detent or Spring return


1VR Rotary style

1/2" Ported



2V Lever style

3/4" Ported

Detent or Spring return

2VR Rotary style

3/4" Ported


Hydraulic system valves

We can supply a range of system valves including:

Flow control

Flow splitter

Pressure relief

Overcentre or Motion control




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