2 Ton Trawl Winch with Gantry TW7X


Our Trawl Winches are designed and built using knowledge gleaned from over 30 years experience, listening to customers and running our own boats.

All sizes of winch use a high speed piston motor driving a tempered alloy steel main shaft, through a cast iron worm & wheel gearbox. The main shaft incorporates our own special design of spline drive for the hardened steel dog clutches. The band brakes are of generous size and have marine grade linings. Steelwork is hot dip galvanised, and low stress parts are stainless steel. Guide on gear is driven by hydraulic ram, and manually controlled. The control has a free fall position to minimise wear to rollers when shooting.

Our winches are rated with the drums half full of wire, sizes from 1/2 ton to 4.5 ton pull.

Single, twin, triple and quadruple drum winches are available. Gilsen drums can also be included.

Guide on gear can be specified at any angle from horizontal through vertical.

Winches can be uprated for scalloping.

Configurations are too varied to show all examples on this page. Data sheets for the standard range are available for down load via the links adjacent.

Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.



Please click on a link below to read a technical data sheet using Adobe Acrobat.

TW1 1/2 Ton Trawl Winch

TW2 3/4 Ton Trawl Winch

TW3 1 Ton Trawl Winch

TW4 1.5 Ton Trawl Winch

TW7 2 Ton Trawl Winch

TW5 2.5 Ton Trawl Winch

TW6 3.5 Ton Trawl Winch



2 Ton Trawl Winch TW7

1 Ton Trawl Winch TW3 with angled guide on gear

Video of Trawl winch, carrying out scallop dredging, shown below.

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